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Tropicana® Premium Fresh grapefruits are the perfect blend of sweet and sour. Best known as part of a healthy diet, grapefruits are high in dietary fiber and an excellent source of Vitamins C and A. After eating the fruit, be sure to give the rind an extra squeeze to enjoy every last drop of delicious juice.


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Ruby Red

The Ruby Red, a medium to large-sized variety of grapefruit, has a smooth, yellow rind. Inside, the flesh is juicy, sweet, and pink or red in color. Ruby Red grapefruits have very few seeds. Grapefruits get their name from the way they grow in clusters on trees, like grapes. These are great for slicing and eating fresh, but also make an excellent salad topper. If you’re looking for a way to cut calories from your diet, try squeezing fresh juice over broiled fish or poultry instead of using butter.

Tropicana Fresh Grapefruit


Did You Know?

Tropicana® Premium Fresh grapefruits are grown in the United States. “Texas” grapefruit include the sweet and juicy Ruby Red and Star Ruby varieties.

Tropicana® Premium Fresh grapefruit make for a delicious, healthy treat!

One serving—one half, medium (4”) Tropicana® Premium Fresh grapefruit—contains about 60 calories. They are fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, and an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, copper, and fiber.

Star Ruby

The Star Ruby variety has a smooth, yellow rind that covers its deep red flesh. This sweet, juicy grapefruit is seedless, making it hassle-free. Great for slicing and eating fresh, they also taste great peeled, sectioned, and dipped in low-fat vanilla yogurt. Add a sprinkle of granola on top for a healthy, crunchy treat everyone will love.

Tropicana Fresh Star Ruby Grapefruit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pick a perfect grapefruit?
Choose smooth, firm, heavy grapefruit—the heavier the fruit, the juicier. Avoid fruits with bruised or puffy peels.

How should I store my fruit?
Store fruit at room temperature. Grapefruit can last about 1 week; when refrigerated, they can last several weeks.

Is all grapefruit tart?
No. Certain varieties of grapefruit contain less acid-to-sugar ratios and are quite sweet. Sweet varieties include Ruby Red and Star Ruby. You can peel and eat them just like an orange.