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Tropicana Fresh


You’ve trusted Tropicana® to bring you and your family top-quality juices since 1947. Now enjoy the same sweet taste in Tropicana® Premium Fresh citrus and tropicals. We offer a full line of premium fruit, from grapefruit to tangerines to pineapples to mangoes and more.

When you see the Tropicana® name, you know that every juicy fruit—from grove to grocery store—has been handled with care. And, we ensure all our products meet our high quality standards.

Look for Tropicana® Premium Fresh citrus and tropicals in your local grocery produce section today. We’re confident that you and your family will enjoy these great tasting, good-for-you fruits, bite after bite.

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Tropicana® Premium Fresh is a licensed brand of Robinson Fresh®. As one of the largest produce companies in the world, Robinson Fresh® takes pride in bringing high quality, fresh fruits and vegetables to you and your family.